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About Newstar Wooden

We China Newstar Wooden Products Company is a professional wooden bathtub, wooden sink, wooden mosaic and other wood accessories manufacturer. we uphold traditional cultural treasures, extract the essence of production experience on wooden bathtub, sink, mosaic and accessories; incorporate the concept of modern processing technology into design and processing. All our production workers are wooden products technicians who had many years experience in the production of wooden bathtub, sinks, mosaic and accessories. Selection, steaming materials, drying, processing, preservation, and packaging are to be completed independently to ensure first-class quality. Series of products are made from Thailand oak and Northwest Sichuan Honey Pine.

Newstar Wooden Sink

Wooden Sink wood sinks are created from kiln dried natural wood to ensure minimal moisture content, formed into a wood bowl, rectangle or square by gifted artisans, then stained with a beautiful wood finish.
Teak sinks are handsome, robust things. They are pleasant to use, softer than ceramic and steel so things do not get broken. They are quiet, there is no clatter; they can be made to any size. Our standard sizes suit most needs, but we also can make as per custom design and size, since it is handmade.

Newstar Wooden Bathtub

Newstar Wooden Bathtub Newstar Wooden bathtubs are available in either Teak, Solid Thailand Oak wood or Northwest Sichuan Honey Pine. the bathtubs are free from colourants and varnish, as only vegetable oils have been used to treat the high quality wood. Both the Teak, Thailand oak and Northwest Sichuan Honey Pine are naturally immune to bacteria and fungi and are also extremely water resistant. Periodical care for the bathtub is advised and for this a vegetable or wood oil is recommended.

Wooden Mosaic

Wooden Mosaic Newstar selects logs from the hard wood with rich color and texture as raw material. The original wood mosaic will be made after the degreasing, drying, grinding, polishing, treating with preservatives, collage processes. Newstar original wood mosaic is noble in spirit, with deep and lustrous color, gentle and considerate texture. It is good heat preservation, energy conservation. The distinctive texture and color of natural wood made you different feeling of life

Wooden Accessories

Wooden Accessories We Newstar can supply you many wooden accessories, include wooden single footplace, hanging basket, square stool, drink bracket, folding chair, folding table, suffocating bench, towel hoop, wooden shower tray, paper holder, wooden shelf and holder, towel ring, toilet brush and holder, soap dish and holder, hook bar, wooden bathroom cabinets series, wooden floor, etc.