4X4 Willys Army Jeep
One of our unique WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models is this 4X4 Model Kit. It is a replica of American Military Willys MB Jeep. Willy was introduce to US Army in 1941 for World War 2.  Then after 1945 it was known as CJ Series and in 1987 it was transferred to what we know today as Jeep Wrangler. Willy was vary rugged, had outstanding off-road capabilities, and was light enough for army personal to pick it up if it got stuck. In 2016 Willys MB Jeep celebrated 75th year anniversary.
4x4 Jeep
Inspired by the legend of the Fifth Element, WOODEN.CITY has created a box for your secrets. The lid opens with a key that connects the triangles. Four elements: mind, body, sight and hearing. And the fifth is love, which opens any locks.
WOODEN.CITY Ferris Wheel
This Ferris Wheel is one of the challenging WOODEN.CITY Mechanical Models. It is an original interpretation of the well-known amusement park attraction and a tribute to the engineers who realized our dreams to see the world from a bird’s eye view. Pretty much everyone has been to the fair with their family, and gone on the big Ferris Wheel - spinning around, with different cabins at different points on the wheel. And once you get to the top, you get to experience that incredible view, see the whole fair and surrounding areas from a very high point in the sky. Capture that same experience and feel it any time you want with this Wooden Ferris Wheel model kit.
Ferris Wheel
Biplane by WOODEN.CTIY
Do you want to build an airplane yourself? WOODEN.CITY offers an interesting mechanical model "Biplane". This kit is easy to assemble with your own hands. It has special self-propelled rubber band engine. In order to see this plane in motion, all you need is to wind up the propeller or wheels, set the start lever in a lock position, put it on a flat surface, and then release the start lever. The rubber band engine mechanism will gradually unwind and will propel the aircraft toward it's destination.
Ferris Wheel by WOOD TRICK
This Ferris Wheel is Wood Tricks most popular and enduring designs. It’s elegant and beautiful design has been the choice for many hobbyists and collectors for display in their homes.
Ferris Wheel