Mechanical simulator of the solar system. The model follows the movement of the planets in relation to the Sun and a friend to a friend. It provides a great opportunity to independently build a “parade of planets” and create imitations of eclipses.

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EWA Planetarium Model Kit

The EWA Planetarium model kit is just what you need when it comes to learning about the solar system. The wooden planetarium is an educational science kit which comes with 8 planets. It introduces kids to the world of astronomy and also makes it fun to learn about.

This kit is a mechanical stimulation of the solar system. It is so practical and engaging because it has an observed motion of the planets around the sun and each other. The EWA Planetarium Model Kit is a good object for science project, having fun, learning and many other interesting things.

It is great for kids’ gift that are interested in learning about the solar system and the way it moves. With this EWA Wooden Planetarium Model Kit you would never go wrong. It is durable, reliable, very functional, very useful, has a premium design, nice looking and eye-catching.

The size of this Planetarium is 390 * 390 * 270 mm and the number of parts are 534.  Place your order for this EWA Wooden Planetarium kit now and give your child the best experience in learning about the solar system and the eclipses.