TRAILER for 4×4


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Trailer For Jeep 4×4

Say hello to this fantastic military-themed wonder – the WOODEN.CITY Trailer for Jeep!

This wooden mechanical toy is one that is sure to thrill and educate you, it features exquisitely made parts crafted from the finest of environmentally friendly birch plywood to give you that sleek weightlessness and durability all at once! The Trailer Jeep is a beautiful construct featuring many parts that we are sure you would enjoy piecing together. There are many reasons to have this amazing fun ware grace in your collection, outside the obvious tasteful grand design it features with intricate curves and fittings, the WOODEN.CITY Trailer is a marvelous gold shaded plaything that will bring life and animation to your fun time. Putting together the parts of the Wooden.City Trailer for Jeep holds lots of glee and excitement for 3D puzzle lovers, as every part brings a thrill.

This eco-friendly product comes in an original wooden frustration-free gift box that may be cleaned easily using a damp cloth, it is interestingly easy to assemble with an estimated two hours assembly time average, making it the ideal play-learn equipment for kids and toy enthusiasts. You would be pleased to know that putting this toy together would not require any glue or adhesive, you can simply get started once you open its finely made wooden packaging box, the building sets for this toy are made to anchor each other leaving room for a trigger lever that would help you engage its motion as it rotates with the help of rubber motor that is made of great quality and guaranteed to last.

The WOODEN.CITY Trailer is an addition for the famous WOODEN.CITY military 4×4 Jeep. The WOODEN.CITY set of the military Jeep and Trailer makes a unique gift to anyone with a love for puzzles, airplanes and geared engines! This product is perfect for your 14-year-old.

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